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The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India has designated the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai as the nodal agency for conducting the District Level Household and facility Survey (DLHS).It is a household survey at the district level and in DLHS-3, the survey covered 611 districts in India. The total number of households representing a district varies from 1000 to 1500 households. The DLHS-3 is designed to provide information on family planning, maternal and child health, reproductive health of ever married women and adolescent girls, utilization of maternal and child healthcare services at the district level for India. In addition, DLHS-3 also provides information on new-born care, post-natal care within 48 hours, role of ASHA in enhancing the reproductive and child health care and coverage of Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY). An important component of DLHS-3 is the integration of Facility Survey of health institution (Sub centre, Primary Health Centre, Community Health Centre and District Hospital) accessible to the sampled villages. The focus of DLHS-3 is to provide health care and utilization indicators at the district level for the enhancement of the activities under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

The ongoing District Level Household Survey (DLHS) is the third round and preceding two rounds were carried out during 1998-99 and 2002-04 under the auspices of MoHFW and IIPS as the national nodal agency. The Institute is solely responsible for design, development of survey tools and softwares, training of Regional Agencies entrusted to undertake the field work in different states, and the overall supervision and management of household and facility survey. We are confident that the information generated through these surveys will help the government to effectively monitor the ongoing health and family welfare programmes.

National Family Health Survey Data (NFHS)

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